TechnoGems engineers have experience in building projects in different business domains. Our past experience helps our current and future customers because they can leverage our expertise.

We have developed solutions in document management, legacy system modernization, business transformation, customer management systems, mobile applications and cloud based solutions.

Document Management

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Parsing unstructured documents to actionable data

An IT consulting firm had most of its employees working at various client locations. Their employees were required to report their work hours at their client site using systems in place at their clients. These systems did not talk to each other. As a result the employees had to report the working hours in the company's own time tracking system. This duplication of data entry in different systems by the employees resulted in data discrepancies and the company personnel had to spend numerous hours in reconciling errors.

TechnoGems developed a solution where it parses various documents the employees maintain and extract the relevant time data and store it in a relational database. By using open-source tools and state of the art technologies in a cloud environment, TechnoGems was able to transform un-structured documents to actionable data. TechnoGems developed adaptors to import the data to the company's accounting system. TechnoGems also developed a user interface to get reports and take action. Employees would simply email the documents and the company will have accurate data and it saved company time and more importantly accurate and timely data availability.

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Legacy System Modernization

Modernizing information systems while transforming business process

TechnoGems helped one of its customers in the public sector modernize their legacy system and improve the business process. In the legacy system, the users had to login to multiple applications with different credentials to perform their day to day task. The data was duplicated between each system and it was not always in sync. Users were not able to easily search for data across these systems.

TechnoGems's Architects and Engineers designed a modern system that integrates all the features in to a unified user interface using a single signon process. The modern system is able to push the data that is most relevant to the user as soon as they login. The modern system is able to leverage big data systems to search through millions of records within sub seconds and allowed the users quick access to the data they need. With our approach, the customer did not simply replace the legacy system with a new system, they were able to bring the organizational change and efficiency to their business process.

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Mobile CRM Solution

Customer and Order management system with offline and online mode

TechnoGems has built a Customer Management System which consists of an iPad application and a parallel Web based application for one of our customers. The iPad application works in both online and off-line mode and automatically synchronize the data to the web application. The legacy solution used by this customer takes days to synchronize the data when new product pricing data is added. The new solution developed by TechnoGems was able to synchronize data in minutes and eliminated the downtime and improved productivity for our customer.

The application TechnoGems developed allowed the users to manage the customer contacts, schedule appointments, create quotes and orders, generate purchase orders and import data to accounting system. The pricing engine we developed as part of this application is able to calculate product price and apply discounts based on several attributes and complex algorithms. These features and the integration to their back office systems, helped the cutomer to be efficient and gain a competitive advantage.

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